Whether adoption of a new initiative is high or low, it is often cited as the main reason for HR initiatives succeed or fail.

Low adoption occurs when individuals or teams do not have a clear understanding of who will be impacted by the change, insufficient training, poor communication, or an inadequate infrastructure to support them.

At Baker Tilly, we take change management seriously.  Our approach is an integrated thread embedded in all of our work.

Our Human Capital services change management specialists will work with you to build the right plan to drive high adoption and increase the value realized from the changes - whether they are technology, process, transformational or infrastructure changes. We connect project teams more tightly to the executive strategic agenda, which drives a solid return on investment.

Our focus is to reduce your program risk due to low adoption and transition barriers. We optimize your organizational structure and individual performance according to best practices and address the business process improvement opportunities. You will experience accelerated change and a reduction in the loss of time and resources due to unclear expectations or new responsibilities.

Our services include: 

  • Stakeholder and Impact Analysis
  • Change Risk Assessment
  • Business Process Improvement Analysis
  • Organizational Alignment
  • Role/Responsibility Mapping
  • Training and Communications Planning
  • Sustainability and Governance Operating Modeling
  • Coaching
  • Team Building

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Oracle HCM World 2018

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The Top 10 Initiatives We Are Hearing From Retail CHROs

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Our Take

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“Change enablement is critical in any project to increase adoption and achieve higher, sustainable levels of performance.”