Marketers have more technology and data at their disposal than ever before, but are challenged to use both effectively to engage customers in a meaningful way throughout the customer lifecycle.

Buyers today expect a customized experience. Selecting the right tools and aligning the right processes to deliver “the right messages, at the right time, to the right audience” is imperative in delivering to their expectations. 

Baker Tilly consultants work with you to: improve and measure the impact and value of your marketing efforts; increase customer engagement; and drive revenues. We define an actionable path forward that supports your goals; aligning technical capabilities and cross functional processes to streamline marketing program execution - enabling you to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Need to improve your marketing effectiveness? Our services include:

  • Modern Marketing Strategy
  • Modernization Roadmaps
  • Marketing Automation, Technology Enablement, & Optimization
  • Marketing Performance Management

Harnessing the Buyer’s Experience

Harnessing the Buyer’s Experience

4 steps to understand your customers' buying process, align your sales assets to it and create a unique customer experience.

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Building a World Series Line-Up of Marketing Technologies

Building a World Series Line-Up of Marketing Technologies

Managing marketing technologies is a lot like managing a World Series-bound baseball team. Read this eBook and learn how to develop a marketing technology plan and set your organization up for a marketing performance management home run.

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Our Take

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"Never before has developing a digital marketing program been more attainable. The ability to attract, retain and grow your customer base and ultimately topline revenue faster is possible through the power of digital marketing."

— Amanda Klein, Senior Manager