Some companies are required to have a monitor as part of a legal or corporate integrity agreement. We have more than 25 years of experience in providing monitorship services in a wide range of areas, supported by one of the most competent groups of forensic accountants, investigators, and corporate compliance investigators in the country.

We have assembled a unique team of professionals needed to perform an effective monitorship service—a certified inspector general, forensic accountants, certified public accountants (some of whom are certified in financial forensics), certified fraud examiners, private investigators, computer forensic specialists, a certified anti-money laundering specialist, corporate integrity specialists, and attorneys. Several professionals in our group are members of the International Association of Independent Private Sector Inspectors General (IAIPSIG) as well as the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE). All monitorship engagements are performed to the Green Book Standards adopted by the Association of Inspectors General.

Industry experience includes:

  • Construction
  • Educational institutions
  • Distribution/Manufacturing
  • Financial services
  • Healthcare
  • Not for profit
  • Organized labor
  • Pension systems
  • Restaurants
  • Service industry
  • Transportation

With backgrounds in law enforcement, forensic accounting, taxation, and electronic discovery, we are experienced in state and federal criminal investigations, fraud auditing, and forensic accounting as well as monitoring for regulatory and statutory compliance. We have provided these services for federal, state, and local prosecutors, courts, deferred prosecution agreements, board of directors, and lender and creditor commitments.

Our Take

image of Brian P. Sanvidge

“Our unique team is able to analyze the facts and circumstances of the client’s operations from diverse perspectives. This allows us to identify and report fraud, waste, and abuse, and to ensure the client’s compliance with legal, regulatory, or corporate requirements. A monitorship should be focused and defined to ensure efficiency.”

— Brian P. Sanvidge Principal, CIG, CFE