• MACRA: Financial readiness

    MACRA brings additional complexities to managing a physician practice. To adequately prepare your organization, Baker Tilly recommends a financial readiness assessment including a review of: patient volumes and revenue, costs, payer contracts and financial projections. Learn more about the steps in this short video.
  • Furst McNess

    Agribusiness client, Furst McNess, discusses the benefits of working with our industry specialists to complete audit services.
  • MACRA readiness - Baker Tilly methodology

    MACRA readiness should be a key strategic objective for providers in 2017. Baker Tilly’s four-pronged approach ensures optimal performance within MACRA, including a financial readiness assessment, operations assessment, gap analysis and strategic roadmap. Learn more in this video.
  • Understanding utility finances

    The accounting needs of public utilities are different from other government entities. In this podcast, we discuss what board members need to know to better understand their utility’s finances.