• Employee benefit plan pitfalls and quality importance

    According to the May 2015 Department of Labor (DOL) report “Assessing the Quality of Employee Benefit Plan Audits”, which looked at 400 employee benefit plan audits, the average audit deficiency rate was 39 percent. How do you select quality auditor to ensure you are in compliance? Learn what to look for when making this important fiduciary decision.
  • Debate about role of sustainability information in IFRS continues

    The IASB is researching what it may do to help promote consistent environmental, sustainability and governance (ESG) information that companies increasingly report, largely on a voluntary basis. Its main advisory panel has given mixed feedback on how the board should proceed, but IASB Chairman Hans Hoogervorst said he is still convinced the international board needs to take action.
  • Rule to expand auditor’s report delayed again

    The PCAOB delayed finalizing a rule to expand the auditor's report and make it more useful for investors. All major board decisions have to be approved by the SEC and the PCAOB has been waiting for the Senate to confirm Jay Clayton to be the next SEC chairman.