The end of the one dimensional sales organization

When was the last time you identified and developed a small customer that would one day grow into one of your best customers? When was the last time you fired an underperforming customer who consumed too much of your time and resources with returned shipments and unrealistic demands? Do you even know which of your customers are which?

Not all customers are created equally. Identifying and maintaining tomorrow’s highly profitable clients is a critical mission for every sales organization. Sales organizations that only analyze internal sales data may not be up to the task.

We believe a more scientific, data-driven approach to managing one’s portfolio of customers is required. This approach must identify the high performing and high potential customers within an organization’s most important and coveted asset: its customer base.

ERP solutions have unlocked new ways to increase sales productivity. Integrating your ERP solution with third party data providers can provide your sales organization with mountains of new data. Big data solutions and increased analytical capabilities can utilize this data to help focus the sales organizations and identify high potential opportunities. Integrating the vast amounts of external data with internal sales data can give sales organizations a much fuller, more detailed picture of who their customers are and who they will be tomorrow.

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