Smart searching: finding your next job with the help of a recruiter

The decision to make a career move can be stressful. With dozens of apps sending push notifications, your inbox full of emails with jobs found “just for you,” and tricky company websites to navigate, there are plenty of reasons why determining the right next step may seem nearly impossible.

Baker Tilly Search & Staffing recently asked our online visitors how they found their most recent career opportunity. While there were many who indicated that use of social media outlets, job boards and company websites, more than 17 percent of those who answered said they found their most recent career opportunity with the assistance of a recruiter.

Those of us who work in recruiting often hear from friends, family, acquaintances and new candidates that they didn’t know recruiters could be a resource for them. As our poll suggests, job seekers place a great deal of emphasis on job boards and social media resources to find their perfect fit. Although those resources can work, recruiters offer insights that job boards can’t provide like firsthand knowledge of the hiring manager, company structure and corporate culture.

Benefits of working with a recruiter

Some job seekers avoid recruiters because they don’t understand how recruiters can help. Working with a recruiter can provide real value, beyond the obvious access to jobs. While all recruiting firms operate differently, at Baker Tilly Search & Staffing our objective is to:

  • Offer informed guidance: We strive to bring meaningful, experiential insights into your job search that help make the difference in landing your next job. For example, interviewing advice, feedback on your resume and recommendations on writing the perfect follow-up message.
  • Build long-term relationships: Our recruiters are more than just matchmakers – they are collaborators in your job search. As our recruiters get to know you, we can make better connections between your abilities and a company’s needs. Whether or not we place you in a role, our relationship doesn’t end. We stay in contact, which can benefit you now and later in your career. Who knows, there may even come a time when you have a hiring need, and when you do, we will be ready to help.
  • Provide specialized job search expertise: Job searching is something most people have to do in off-hours when they are not occupied by their 9 to 5. Job searching is our 9 to 5, and sometimes our 24/7. Teaming with our recruiters help to ensure that you don’t miss out on coveted roles because you didn’t have the time to browse listings.
  • Make the most of our network and yours: Our recruiting team has a network spanning organizations of all sizes, from emerging and small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. We leverage these relationships to find openings in exciting, rewarding professional environments. We’ll also help you optimize your own network when searching for that next opportunity. With the help of candidate resources available on, LinkedIn profile assistance and coaching from our recruiters you will soon build a network of like-minded professionals that will make finding your next career path quick, easy and exciting.

Starting your next job search

Next time you’re considering a career move, or if you’re still looking for that perfect position, don’t forget about the benefits of working with professional recruiters. Recruiters at Baker Tilly Search & Staffing know how to work with candidates and organizations to create professional relationships that work for everyone involved.

For more information on this topic, or to learn how Baker Tilly Search & Staffing specialists can help, contact our team.

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