MACRA: Benefits and opportunities

While most talk about MACRA as having significant challenges, we want to make sure that all providers understand the benefits and opportunities of MACRA. The healthcare system needs to have better incentive alignment in order to have all stakeholders, including the patient, benefit from the system as optimally as possible. MACRA is another piece of the puzzle in aligning incentives within the healthcare system to improve practice operations, to improve your job satisfaction, as well as to improve the patient experience.

There are opportunities associated with this program. To increase the potential of successfully integrating your practice into the MACRA environment, we want to emphasize employing a culture of good project management. It starts with a formal gap analysis and leads to the production of a strategic roadmap that will guide you throughout the transformation process. The gap analysis will look at how much the following items align with the incentives included in MACRA: quality metrics, cost metrics and physician compensation. The analysis also includes evaluating high versus low performing physicians and having serious discussions about who’s on the high scale, who’s on the low scale and what you can do to align performance and incentives within your practice. The gap analysis needs to be complimented with a strategic roadmap that defines timelines and milestones to guide you throughout the process.

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MACRA: Operational readiness
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MACRA: Operational readiness