Internal audit: Maximizing your role in the NAIC state examination process

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners’ (NAIC) risk focused examination (examination) process includes assessing the internal audit function and the potential utilization of the work of internal audit to reduce duplication of examination efforts. Internal auditors have an important role during their organization’s examination. Internal audit should ensure their department and audit work assessment by the examiners is satisfactory for reliance. In addition, internal audit can act as liaisons to the examination process, provide input on enterprise risk management risk mitigation strategies and helping facilitate key discussions on risk and internal controls with the state regulators. The webinar will explore how to maximize the value that internal audit can provide and include feedback from an audit director during a recent coordinated risk focused examination.

 "Less Than One-Third of Internal Auditors Fully Involved In State Examination Process"

Key takeaways

  • How to identify and recognize how the state regulators assess and evaluate the internal audit function during an examination
  • How to analyze and plan for internal audits role prior to the start of an examination 
  • Options on how internal audit can add value during the examination process

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“30.8 percent of respondents answered “Fully integrated, involved in interviews, requests, meetings, etc.” to a poll question during the Internal audit: Maximizing your role in the NAIC state examination process on Dec. 13, 2017.”

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