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How would a $15 minimum wage impact the restaurant industry?

By: David Foster, Foster and Associates Restaurant and Hospitality Consultants

This article is meant as an ‘op ed’ piece, and the opinions stated henceforth represent those of David Foster.

At first glance, many – if not most – restaurant operators may feel that a $15 per hour minimum wage would be a deathblow to the restaurant industry. It is indisputable that the biggest challenge facing the restaurant industry today has evolved from the coronavirus into hiring and retaining staff. Even in states and cities that are allowing full occupancy for restaurants and bars, many have not been able to take advantage of this because they are running into difficulty in recruiting and hiring for all positions; resulting in them operating short-staffed.

Restaurants should not wait for legislated changes to the minimum wage. By being the first in the market to offer employees a higher hourly wage, restaurants can be a pioneer, create a culture that makes their team feel valued and appreciated and become the restaurant employer of choice.

Read more to determine how to examine your numbers, make sure you are delivering great value to everyone, while gaining the respect of your community and the loyalty of your guests and employees.

About the author

David Foster is a seasoned restaurant and hospitality consultant. For questions, contact him at [email protected]

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