Conducting a system implementation risk review at higher education institutions

In this IT webinar session, we will discuss Project Risk Reviews, including:

  • What a project risk review is, its purpose, and why such services help ensure success for critical IT projects
  • Potential benefits provided by project risk reviews, including increased visibility, early risk and issue detection, improved performance and quality, and reduced cost
  • A walk-through of a typical project risk review engagement, including a description of a PRR methodology, application of methodology to a system implementation, and lessons learned from prior reviews

Learning objectives:

Upon completing this course, attendees should be able to:

  • Provide an overview of project risk reviews and their intended benefits
  • Describe basic tasks and activities performed when conducting a PRR
  • Describe risks and issues typically associated with system implementations
  • Provide examples of how PRR’s have helped mitigate risks and ensure success for system implementations

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