• Building e-commerce capabilities to achieve success

    B2B organizations are rapidly building their web presence in an attempt to take advantage of the opportunities of the e-commerce channel. But the investment in e-commerce is more than developing a website. It is imperative that organizations take a comprehensive look at the capabilities required to execute their strategy and enable the ideal customer experience in their e-commerce channel.
  • Cloud computing and other strategy enabling technologies

    Years ago, we sensed that a number of impending disruptive technologies would materially affect our clients. These technologies would have a profound impact on the way organizations conduct work, hire employees, collaborate, serve customers and more.
  • Getting e-commerce strategy right

    B2B e-commerce is more than just a channel for companies, it is a way to shift their offline businesses into high gear online and provide a world class multi-channel customer experience that B2B customers now expect.
  • Business continuity planning checklist

    Business continuity planning can seem overwhelming when you first think about all you need to cover. Use this overview checklist to assist your organization in preparing for its planning process.