• Brexit: A U.S. perspective

    In this webinar, Baker Tilly U.S. and MHA MacIntyre Hudson in the U.K. weigh the impact Brexit could have on the global business and tax landscape.
  • Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017

    The Senate delayed its vote on the Better Care Reconciliation Act in light of widespread negative reactions for a variety of reasons from both sides of the aisle. So what makes this different from the American Health Care Act? Or the Affordable Care Act?
  • 2017 midyear tax update

    Baker Tilly’s annual midyear tax update discusses the status of tax reform and the ACA, trends and changes in state and local taxes as well as recent federal developments.
  • 2017 midyear tax update | Other state developments

    The recent legislative session yielded many new tax developments in a number of states, including a credit extension in Illinois, new tax incentives in Maryland, a reduction in personal income tax in New York and a tax amnesty program in Virginia.