• HR 415: Stop Corporate Inversions Act of 2015

    The reintroduction of the Stop Corporate Inversions Act (H.R. 415) in the House by Sander Levin and Lloyd Doggett seeks to modify the definition of inverted domestic corporations under section 7874.
  • Private foundation: Common self-dealing issues

    Private foundations should consider three specific areas of self-dealing: payment of personal pledges, compensation to employees and board members, and paying or reimbursing expenses of disqualified persons or family members.
  • Work Opportunity Tax Credits

    The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) offers dollar-for-dollar tax reductions to employers that hire workers from certain targeted groups.
  • Baker Tilly’s China practice director discusses the Chinese economy

    Benjamin Jurken of The ABC Group LLC interviewed David Tang, Baker Tilly China Practice Director, on the Price of Business. Given rare access into the investment landscape within Mainland China, David Tang provided valuable insight into China’s economy. Listen to the full audio of this interview.
  • What’s so attractive about Ireland?

    Ireland ranked number four in the 2014 Forbes ranking of “Best Countries for Business.” Why did the country receive this ranking and how does the ranking explain the interest life sciences companies have in the country?