• Transforming Internal Audit

    In a recent Baker Tilly and ACUA webinar, Ashley Deihr, senior manager, and University of Kansas’s John Curran, university director of internal audit, discussed creative approaches to resource allocation and shared how data analytics can be used to maximize audit coverage and efficiency.
  • Leases ASU issued by the FASB

    The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) issued its long awaited Accounting Standard Update on accounting for Leases. This marks the completion of one of the last convergence projects the FASB took up with the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB).
  • Emerging trends in not-for-profit fraud

    The United States is host to 1.1 million not-for-profit organizations. These organizations, many of which do not maintain strong internal control processes, are ripe for fraud and embezzlement.
  • Protecting your institution with effective cybersecurity governance

    In a recent Baker Tilly and ACUA webinar, Baker Tilly advisors discussed best practices for cybersecurity governance, as well as the changing cybersecurity risk landscape, key elements of an effective cybersecurity program, and strategies for auditing and presenting on cybersecurity program effectiveness.
  • EU-US Privacy Shield Agreement increases oversight of data transfers: US companies brace for requirements

    U.S. companies are bracing for requirements related to the new EU-U.S. “Privacy Shield”, which establishes a new framework for data transfers that underpin the world’s largest trading relationship between the EU and the U.S. Get a head start on compliance by understanding the agreement’s data transfer protocol requirements, oversight, and compliance implications for affected U.S. companies.