• State and Local Taxes Pose a Growing Risk for the Real Estate Industry

    Historically, state and local taxes on commercial real estate developments and their managers and investors have been fairly straightforward. The state and local tax environment for real estate developers has changed gradually yet dramatically in recent years. New taxes and enforcement efforts by state and local governments require a heightened awareness on the part of commercial real estate businesses.
  • New IRS guidance changes structuring of historic rehabilitation tax credits

    The magnitude of these requirements on HTC projects has many developers, tax advisors, attorneys, and CPAs rethinking their effect on historic rehabilitation projects currently in planning and development. Investors may insist safe harbors be adopted and followed in order for them to be satisfied they will be properly allocated HTCs.
  • Auditing mega projects: Assessing project risk

    Mega project conditions demand predictive risk mitigation programs to test project management effectiveness, safety program compliance, engineering specification compliance, and non-traditional construction methods from internal audit.