• House releases tax reform bill

    The House issued the first draft of its tax reform bill, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, with major changes including cutting down the number of tax brackets, eliminating most itemized deductions and phasing out the estate tax.
  • Effective project management for financial system implementations

    The sun is slowly setting on the Elite Enterprise support, requiring many systems to be converted, while other firms are looking for more advanced and robust applications. Baker Tilly shares insights on how replacing these older legacy accounting systems is a prime opportunity to organize business operations and effectively summarize financial data into management reports.
  • Succession planning for law firms

    Has your firm prepared a succession plan with a major generational leadership transition on the horizon? Baker Tilly shares insights on how to be prepared for the impact of retiring partners without it having a significant effect on your firm’s future livelihood, profitability and cash flow.
  • Legal Operations Pros Help More Than the Bottom Line

    Operational decisions at law firms are crucial to the bottom line. From fee structuring to which practices to develop, people to hire, technology to use and even the right real estate choice are all factors in the equation of competitive strategy. Baker Tilly weighs in on what your firm can do to stay on top?
  • New partnership audit regulations for professional service firms

    Do you understand how the new partnership audit regulations affect your firm and what steps you should be taking now? Law firms and other professional service firms are significantly impacted by the new partnership audit regulations. Some of the considerations for these firms may be quite different than the considerations for other types of partnerships.