• De-risking strategies in pension plans

    De-risking strategies in pension plans are currently much discussed by corporate management and pension plan fiduciaries. These strategies may include adopting a liability driven investment (LDI) strategy or purchasing participating annuity contracts (buy-in contracts) on the asset side to decrease volatility and manage cash flow.
  • The basics of an Intellectual Property Program

    One way to help build a valuable intellectual property portfolio is to establish an Intellectual Property Program (IPP). Properly designed, an IPP can help identify, protect, and optimize the value of a company’s key assets and increase its competitive advantage.
  • M&A and Capital Markets Update - Food and beverage Q1 2014

    Food and beverage merger activity declined slightly in the first quarter of 2014, but the trend of large transactions continued as Japanese beverage company Suntory Holdings Ltd. acquired Beam Inc. for a transaction value of $15.8 billion and grocery store chain Albertsons acquired Safeway for a transaction value of approximately $9.4 billion.