• How companies can get the utility packages they need

    Energy availability is a vital factor in any site selection process. Making an energy decision is more than just cost per kilowatt-hour — a well-designed utility plan should also take into account grid capacity, rate structure, service/distribution, and related utilities, such as wastewater treatment.
  • The basics of an Intellectual Property Program

    One way to help build a valuable intellectual property portfolio is to establish an Intellectual Property Program (IPP). Properly designed, an IPP can help identify, protect, and optimize the value of a company’s key assets and increase its competitive advantage.
  • A budget impact model of costs to cover emerging medical treatments

    Treatment of heart disease is a major driver of healthcare spending in the United States. Temporary and timely use of hemodynamic support devices can be particularly beneficial to certain high-risk patient populations. The rate of adoption of advanced percutaneous cardiac assist devices (pVADs) for providing such support is steadily increasing. This whitepaper provides an overview and results of a study to propose a budget impact model, from the third-party payer perspective, to estimate the separate and combined economic costs to health plans of covering this emerging trend in medical treatment.