• Internal controls — How can you deter fraud effectively?

    Dealers who have a strong internal control system in place might sleep more soundly. A strong system begins with detailed and accurate financial information and a systematic means of frequently monitoring such data. This article offers a number of tips to help dealers achieve this and nip fraud in the bud.
  • GAAP alternative now available

    This article discusses new guidance that allows private dealerships following Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) to elect not to consolidate the financial reporting from variable interest entities that lease property to them. It also notes two new taxes under the Affordable Care Act that affect high earners, and a prediction that worldwide new vehicle sales will stop increasing sometime within the next decade.
  • What’s new in the Affordable Care Act

    Since the healthcare law was passed, the number of changes to its implementation and rules has created confusion for not only employers, but also employees. Our recent webinar discusses the latest modifications and what they mean to you. Specifically, they address the employer mandate (pay-or-play rules), the impact of temporary employees on large employers, and disclosures and reporting requirements.
  • De-risking strategies in pension plans

    De-risking strategies in pension plans are currently much discussed by corporate management and pension plan fiduciaries. These strategies may include adopting a liability driven investment (LDI) strategy or purchasing participating annuity contracts (buy-in contracts) on the asset side to decrease volatility and manage cash flow.
  • Floor plan interest reimbursement on recalled units

    With almost twenty million vehicles already recalled in 2014 from more than ten manufacturers, dealers are raising concerns as they are work with both the manufacturer and the customer. What is it truly costing the dealership?