• The art of negotiation

    Do you have what it takes to win at negotiations? Baker Tilly provides Bisnow with professional tips to nail your next negotiation. What is the best prep? Do years of experience, books and classes on negotiation make a significant difference? Is careful, deal-specific research the best strategy? Our latest thought leadership answers these questions and more.
  • Construction Auditing: Where to Start and How to Make It Work for Your Organization

    A Baker Tilly and ACUA webinar discusses how internal audit shops of all sizes can successfully participate in pre-construction planning activities to help mitigate financial, operational, and compliance risk for the institution. We discuss the construction lifecycle and owner’s responsibilities, including those of the owner’s representative, architect, construction manager, and compliance and audit personnel.
  • Financing Vehicles for Developers: Q&A with Baker Tilly

    Baker Tilly answers Bisnow’s developer-focused financing questions, covering why the trends of yesterday are evolving into the vehicles of today. Gain insight about the equity/debt stack, the latest lending practices, the most attractive asset classes, the role of institutional funding and more.