• Construction contracting: Tips, traps, and terms

    Dan Brennan, founding partner of Laurie & Brennan, LLP, rejoins our series to break down the terms and conditions any good construction contract should contain. He provides an overview of terms that can be used which are explicit and protect the owner and contractor from misinterpretation and unintended consequences.
  • Detecting, testing, and reporting shifted costs

    Cost shifting is the unauthorized transfer of costs from non-reimbursable cost centers to reimbursable cost centers. Reallocated costs are the authorized repurposing of budget dollars resulting from advantageous purchasing practices or efficient delivery of construction services.
  • Understanding construction litigation strategy

    Organizations with continuous capital programs are likely to encounter claims and litigation sooner or later. This presentation will use a case study to guide participants through the lifecycle of a dispute, providing insight to owners from both a plaintiff and defendant perspective.
  • Analyzing contract terms: General requirements

    All construction contracts have general conditions provisions. Analyzing these contract terms enables the construction contract auditor to build the project audit program and contribute to on time, under budget project delivery.