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Baker Tilly has partnered with Beverage Master Magazine to produce a series of articles providing important insights for craft brewers across the country. As always, you can talk directly with us if you have questions by emailing us at

Articles in this series

Improving brewery rep efficiency and effectiveness

Jason McMackins | December 2017/January 2018

Jason McMackins shares tips on enhancing your brewery rep performance to turn your products into market leaders. See magazine page 20 to read the full article.

How to position your brewery as best in class for the next step in your journey

Sean Dingeldein | October/November 2017

Sean Dingeldein shares financial options brewers should consider to build or expand their business and what they should do to increase the chances of long-term success. See magazine page 20 to read the full article.

Brewers know their business best – how to know it even better!

Gloria Atika | August/September 2017

Gloria Atika shares how breweries can use enterprise software and resource planning (ERP system) to make informed business decisions by gathering, processing, managing and leveraging data. See magazine page 20 to read the full article.

How to reseed and launch with a distributor you didn’t choose

Jack McCraine | June/July 2017

Jack McCraine shares the right things to do when engaging with your new wholesaler. Most brewers struggle with this, and wholesalers are challenged to assimilate the brands in a “win/win” solution for mutual benefit. See magazine page 38 to read the full article.

Breaking into a new market – what to expect

Andy LaRose | April/May 2017

Andy LaRose shares where the market is headed, risk versus reward, three phases of breaking into a new market and key takeaways that will help you as you prepare to grow your market share. See magazine page 35 to read the full article.

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