An HR evolution: Rethinking people, process and technology

Satellites, video services, innovative wireless solutions, and customer satisfaction are the attributes for which DISH Network is best known. While DISH’s products and services are modern, its HCM practices were falling behind. Its people, processes, and technology were not evolving to keep pace with today and tomorrow’s, HR needs—prompting a decision to move from legacy HR systems to the cloud.

Hosted by SHRM, watch this webinar recording to hear how DISH is transforming HR, from making the decision for cloud, to completing a strategic end-to-end process alignment and redesign, and implementing, all while keeping a strong focus on change management, sustainability.

Gather practical advice for:

  • Identifying drivers for HR change
  • Developing change guiding principals
  • Constructing a cloud project approach
  • Cultivating new technology adoption
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