Real estate investment is challenging in any environment, but the complex regulatory environment of real estate investment trusts (REITs) demands a different level of specialized personal attention.

To realize the full potential of your assets and respective businesses, you must balance effective and reliable governance and compliance procedures with profitable growth strategies.

Depend on the skills, knowledge, and exceptional client service of our dedicated REIT professionals to help you manage risk, demonstrate financial accuracy, and strengthen operational performance. We go beyond the basics to bring private, public, and public non-listed REITs across a variety of segments timely, relevant, and effective solutions including:

Our cross-functional teams comprise deeply experienced real estate industry audit and tax professionals and highly skillful consulting specialists so you can rely on having insight that can be utilized by management and governing boards to make better-informed decisions. We devote time to understand the issues each of our REIT clients face, so you receive solutions specifically tailored to meet your unique needs.

Roadmap to building a sustainable cybersecurity management program

Roadmap to building a sustainable cybersecurity management program

Businesses face a host of internal and external cybersecurity and IT risks that can reduce their ability to meet objectives. For real estate companies, the increase of connected building systems, property managers and other third-party service providers can increase exposure. Couple these threats with more regulation and pressure to retain personal and proprietary information and it’s easy to see the challenge in cybersecurity management. A sustainable program begins here.

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