Construction claims: Part 1: The fundamentals

Real and present maritime cyber security challenges for ship operators, insurers and lawyers

Join our panel as we embark online on a Shanghai to London container ship voyage to explore the cyber security processes, threats, decisions and consequences faced by crews, HQ personnel and vessels on this “typical” global supply chain route.

There is no doubt that the maritime sector faces increasing cyber risk. But what are the realistic cyber security threats confronting ship operators? And what are the implications for their insurance, their insurers, and lawyers on all sides?

Experts from Baker Tilly, the University of Plymouth’s Cyber-SHIP Lab, maritime specialist, HFW, and integrated insurance services and risk management advisors, Astaara, will explore realistic cyber vulnerabilities, attack consequences and how insurers and policies may or may not respond.

Who should attend

Ship and port operators, specialists in maritime insurance and their underwriters, maritime cyber security, legal and risk analysts and consultants.


  • Ben Hobby FCA, Dip CII, Baker Tilly
  • Professor Kevin Jones, Cyber-SHIP Lab, University of Plymouth
  • Dr. Kimberly Tam, Cyber-SHIP Lab, University of Plymouth
  • Robert Dorey, Astaara
  • Adam Strong, Partner, Insurance & Reinsurance Group, HFW
  • Alex Kemp, Partner, Marine Group, HFW

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