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Several recent studies have found one of the biggest challenges facing CEOs is the lack of qualified talent required to support the growth and sustainability of their companies. As baby boomers continue to retire at an ever-increasing rate and looming regulatory changes focus on issues related to succession planning, companies must focus on talent development and succession planning as a key component of their strategic planning process at the board and senior leadership level. Many companies are lacking any formal strategy for grooming a CEO successor or the identification and development of their high potential talent. Small and mid-sized mutual insurance companies are at risk and face real threats to their sustainability and future growth.

One issue that is currently facing all Pennsylvania insurers is corporate governance annual disclosure. If passed, House Bill 1848 will mandate that all companies submit a disclosure that covers their overarching corporate structure. A key aspect of this mandate includes succession planning and talent management.

Join PAMIC at 2 p.m. on Feb. 22 2018, for a webinar covering succession planning. 


Dr. John Park, Director, Baker Tilly


  • Why talent development and succession planning are a strategic key to sustainability and growth
  • The need for senior leadership and board buy-in and engagement
  • Best practices in talent development and succession planning
  • Pitfalls that can be avoided

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