Modern Campus: Challenges and opportunities for human capital initiatives

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Join Baker Tilly’s Jeff Haynes, Director of Human Capital Services and John Kiss, Senior Manager of Risk Advisory Services, with Joseph Clay, VP of Human Capital Management at Oracle, for a webinar on the challenges and opportunities for human capital initiatives in the industry of higher education.

As an HR professional in Higher Education, do you ever ask yourself, “How can my HR team impact the success of my institution? Can we strategically impact fiscal management while also competing for talent?  What about student success? Do we have the right tools in HR and other administrative areas to do this properly?” Creating a culture and environment that academics and students can both excel in is not an easy task. The challenge for HR leaders is how to effectively facilitate the connection between academic employees and students to cultivate a successful center of learning.  A higher education institution is only as good as its workforce.  Modern universities / colleges face the challenges of talent acquisition, employee retention and engagement similar to many corporations. Recent developments and trends in the industry of Higher Education have shaped a new reality and give an outlook on its future state. This future state abounds with opportunities for HR to positively impact institutional objectives and outcomes. Please join us to gain a deeper understanding of the higher education landscape and learn more about re-connecting your HR priorities with your institutional priorities. In this webinar we’ll answer the following questions:

  • How is HR evolving in Higher Ed, and in general?
  • What are the key implications for HR in Higher Ed?
  • What HR programs appear to be hottest right now in Higher Ed?
  • What role does technology play as an enabler?
  • Where will you start?

Meet the presenters virtually!

Jeff Haynes, Director, Human Capital Services, Baker Tilly
John Kiss, Senior Manager, Risk Advisory Services, Baker Tilly
Joseph Clay, VP of Human Capital Management, Oracle