Government contracting compliance documents

Government contract compliance overview

Join Baker Tilly for Federal Publications Seminar's "Compliance for healthcare contractors" seven-part webinar series.  Our specialists will discuss compliance risks, financial impacts and common questions related to federal grants and contracts awarded to healthcare organizations. 

Session one

While some companies have experience dealing with government contracts and grants, many organizations are starting to navigate federal funding compliance requirements for the first time to support the elimination of the coronavirus as well as support strategic healthcare initiatives. In an upcoming webinar, Noah Leiden and Shingai Mavengere, members of Baker Tilly’s government contractor advisory services team, will outline the basics of government contract compliance and provide answers to common questions from life science and healthcare companies.

Key learning objectives include:

  • Gain a better understanding of the federal contracting landscape
  • Discuss common compliance requirements that contractors should be aware of
  • Learn about the numerous ways that the government provides oversight to the contractor community

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