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HIPAA: Five steps to ensuring your risk assessment complies with OCR guidelines

HIPAA and healthcare technology have changed significantly over the past 20 years. Organizations face an evolving risk environment in which they must secure electronic protected health information. If you are responsible for safeguarding this information, you cannot afford to be unprepared. 

Providers, health plans and medical device companies are successfully working together by using historic information and transforming it into strategic actions to achieve value-based results. We know that healthcare will continue to evolve, and we will be by your side helping to develop strategies to keep you one step ahead.

Our Take

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"Managing a healthcare entity in today’s environment is a challenging task. Both acute care and post-acute care providers need to be highly focused on a number of issues, including providing the best in patient care, balancing third-party payor reimbursement pressures, understanding and anticipating community needs, and managing costs effectively."

— Mark J. Ross Partner and National Healthcare Practice Leader